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CLIENT: Gumtree - 2nd Hand COP

The Government thought it would be a good idea to furnish COP26 (the world's largest environmental conference) with a whole load of new ‘eco’ furniture. 

Gumtree thinks it would have been way better to just reuse what already exists, especially when there's a world full of it.

So in Glasgow Queen's Park  (overlooking COP), we made an art attack using borrowed 2nd hand chairs. Then started a petition that could actually do some good.


Please sign it to force the government to consume more consciously.

Captured by Pavilion

HERO 01.jpg
2935530223.2021-10-30 12_31_52.gif

Wouldn’t it have been an amazing message to the world about waste to have the most powerful people of the world sitting at COP26 on a load of 2nd hand chairs? Instead of making a load of new ‘eco’ stuff.


Oh and we got over 14,000 signatures on an actual petition. 

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