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CLIENT: Sainsbury's - Cake or not cake?

Sainsbury's wanted to sponsor the Great British Bake Off – the greatest baking show in the world – with soups, pasta, cod and steaks. So naturally we turned some of them into cake and got the nation guessing.

A month later, Netflix brought out an entire cake based guessing gameshow. 

Cakes by @the_Bakeking

Directed by Joseph Mann

Featured on It's Nice That

Second round led by Brendan Madden and Spencer Llewellyn

So much fun.

So many more cakes.

IMG_4361 3.JPG
ojc015_15sec_OJ_Cake_Play_3_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_07_48.gif
sop015_15sec_Soup_Play_3_Max_VO.2022-09-07 11_22_28.gif
spc015_15sec_Steak_Pie_Cake_Play_2_Max_VO (1).2022-09-07 08_11_37.gif
chc015_15sec_Chocolate_Cake_Play_2_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_13_14.gif
lsp015_15sec_Lasagne_Play_2_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_10_31.gif
bfc015_15sec_Beef_Cake_Play_2_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_09_13.gif
15sec_Bloomer_GIF_WIP__2022_03_23__0935_Animated.2022-03-23 10_13_51.gif
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