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CLIENT: Sainsbury's - Cake or not cake?

Sainsbury's wanted to sponsor the Great British Bake Off – the greatest baking show in the world – with soups, pasta, cod and steaks. So naturally we turned some of them into cake and got the nation guessing.

A month later, Netflix brought out an entire cake based guessing gameshow. 

Cakes by @the_Bakeking

Directed by Joseph Mann

With Juan Sevilla and Joe de Souza

Gold at British Arrows

Best Sponsorship at Campaign Big Awards

Featured on It's Nice That

Second round led by Brendan Madden and Spencer Llewellyn

So much fun.

So many more cakes.

IMG_4361 3.JPG
ojc015_15sec_OJ_Cake_Play_3_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_07_48.gif
sop015_15sec_Soup_Play_3_Max_VO.2022-09-07 11_22_28.gif
spc015_15sec_Steak_Pie_Cake_Play_2_Max_VO (1).2022-09-07 08_11_37.gif
chc015_15sec_Chocolate_Cake_Play_2_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_13_14.gif
lsp015_15sec_Lasagne_Play_2_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_10_31.gif
bfc015_15sec_Beef_Cake_Play_2_Max_VO.2022-09-07 08_09_13.gif
15sec_Bloomer_GIF_WIP__2022_03_23__0935_Animated.2022-03-23 10_13_51.gif
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