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CLIENT: W+K - New Faces

Portraits are part of W+K’s DNA. They’re normally the first thing you see when you walk in. They put the most important thing W+K has, its people, on a pedestal.


In collboration with It's Nice That, W+K London commissioned 18 of London’s most promising illustrators to draw the 200+ faces that make up the office.

Recognised by the National Portrait Gallery.

Featured on Its Nice That.

Illustrators: Alex Wram, Chi Park, Cyntia Agata, Fromm Studio, Holly Szczypka, Jae Yeon Kim, Josh Scurville, Josie Sommer, Laina Deene, Livia Giorgina Carpineto, Lotte Cassidy, Maisie Cowell, Marta Morientes, Nell Mitchell, Olga Rokosz, Rui Pu, Thomas Bryson-King and Wei Wu.

Hero 01.jpg
New Faces_Photography_Elliot Sheppard_04.jpg
New Faces_Photography_Elliot Sheppard_06.jpg
Olga Rokosz.jpg
Laina Deene.jpg
Joshua Scurville.jpg
Wei Wu.jpg
New Faces_Photography_Elliot Sheppard_07.jpg
Cyntia Agata.jpg
Josie Sommer.jpg
Jae Yeon Kim.png
Chi Park.jpg
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