CLIENT: Nike - New Heights London

We made a TV show.


The first time Channel 4 have ever purchased a piece of content like this to be aired on their channels. This is the trailer.


The 22 minute documentary follows young Londoner Tu'Shea as he takes on a 10m diving challenge in 30 days and attempts to conquer the self-doubt that has plagued him his entire life.


Feat. debut music from @littlesimz


Directed by Dan Emmerson

The hope was that with sports centres, gyms and pools opening up, it might shine a light on the real benefits sport can bring and inspire more people to move. So we treated like you'd launch a film, hoping that as many people would watch it.

Including a screening at Peckham Plex.

14-05-21 - Nike Not Guns Social Mix.2021-07-14 09_58_21.gif
14-05-21 - Nike Little Simz Social Mix.2021-07-14 09_56_53.gif
14-05-21 - Nike Precieux Social Mix.2021-07-14 09_58_15.gif
Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 13.57.49.png

Here is the full episode. In total, we gained over 4 million views. 

The final hope is that this becomes the first of many. Going after Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, LA and beyond and proving the power of sport to the youth who need it most.