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CLIENT: Sainsbury's - Once upon a pud

In a far, far away land, Christmas hangs in balance, the Countess, Alison Hammond hates Christmas pud. And yes that is Bardcore Wheatus. 

It's Nice That's Top 5

Directed by Tim Godsall

There was a teaser. It's Sainsbury's best ever performing insta post. 

RPReplay_Final1667986800.2022-11-09 10_05_19.gif

There was a bardcore version of Teenage Dirtbag.

There were loads of other bits. 

Screen Recording 2022-12-15 at 16_17_27.gif
meme 4 .2022-12-23 19_10_49.gif
meme 7 .2022-12-23 19_09_12.gif
meme 6 .2022-12-23 19_10_09.gif
meme 5 .2022-12-23 19_10_54.gif

There was Fred as the ogre. 

And most importantly, Sainsbury's sold out of puddings across the land.

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