CLIENT: Sainsbury's - The Big Night

We made a Christmas advert with a boy dressed in a plug costume and a 16ft gravy boat. Britain seemed to like it.

Directed by Michael Gracey

Some people liked it so much they made their own versions:

According to a few unreliable sources, it won Christmas, encouraged the public to play with sockets, was named #8 in ads of the year and was still getting mentioned a year later.

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Then people started dressing up as plugs, (6 months later) Flakefleet Primary School got a Golden Buzzer, it got posted by a bunch of meme accounts, it made it's way onto Italian news and into Hinge, Sarah Silverman loved it, artist were inspired, John Lewis, Kevin the Carrot and M&S all got involved, some weirdos made 'Plugmas' sweaters.

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And we made a load of outdoor to go alongside it.

Photographed by Aaron Tiley

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